35. May 10, 2019, congrulations to Valentina for receiving the 2nd place in the 11th Annual Graduate Student Poster Competition at UNCC. Great job, Valentina!

34. May 9, 2019, congraulations to Conor for awarding of his PhD degree! Way to go, Dr. Nodzak!

33. March 20, 2019, congratulations to Conor for successfully defending his PhD dissertation! 

32. December 20, 2018, Our epistais web server EpiML is up!

31. October 29, 2018, Congratulations to Andrew for successfully defended his dissertation! Good job, Dr. Quitadamo! 

30. October 17 and 18, 2018, Conor, Jia and Junjie presented their posters at ASHG!

29. October 8, 2018, congratulations to Conor for successfully defended his dissertation proposal! Well done!

28. August 14, 2018, welcome Letu! Letu Qingge joins us after obtaining his PhD in Computer Science from Montana State University!

27. July 16, 2018, welcome Sisi! Sisi Yuan joins the lab as a PhD rotation student!

26. June 11, 2018, congratulations to Dr. Shi for receiving an NSF CAREER award! See CCI news!

25. May 3, 2018, congratulations to Katie for passing her undergraduate honors thesis defense!

24. May 1, 2018, congratulations to Andrew! Andrew passed his PhD proposal defense!

23. April 20, 2018, congratulations to Conor for being norminated to the Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award at UNC Charlotte.

22. March 26, 2018, the youtube interview with Dr. Shi at InCoB 2017 is online.

21. March 1, 2018, welcome Junjie! Dr. Junjie Chen joins the lab after obtaining his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Haerbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen.

20. December 16, 2017, congratulations to Dr. Benika Hall for obtaining her PhD degree in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology! Congratulations to Angat for obtaining his PSM degree in Bioinformatics!

19. April 21, 2017, congratulations to Conor for being norminated to the Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award, presented by the Graduate School and Center for Graduate Life at UNC Charlotte.

18. March 8, 2017, congratulations to Jia and Conor for being awarded with travel award for the Biology of Genomes Meeting!

17. January 9, 2017, Welcome to the lab: our new PhD student Conor (previously a PSM student in the lab) and rotation PhD student James!

16. October 7, 2016, congratulations to Mindy for being awarded with travel award to attend CRA-W Early Career Mentoring Workshops!

15. October 2, 2016, thanks to Benika and Jia, and Proceedings Co-Chair Yang Shen, we successfully produced ACB BCB proceedings for another year!

15. September 2016, welcome new students to our lab, Lauren, Angat, Nicholette, Alan!

14. May 13, 2016, Andrew and Jia presented their posters at the Biology of Genomes Meeting at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

13. April, 2016, Congratulations to Andrew and Mindy for winning the 2016 Essam El-Kwae Student-Faculty Research Award, and to Mindy for winning 2016 Outstanding Faculty Research Award from the College of Computing and Informatics!

12. October 1st, 2015, we have co-authored two Nature papers that closed the 1000 Genomes Project. See Nature Collection of the publications and the project. Congratulations to all collaborators! Congratulations to our own Andrew!

11. September 2015, we received a Research Opportunity Initiative fund from  North Carolina Data Science and Analytics Initiative with our collaborators Daniel Janies and Blair D. Sullivan, working on integrating genomics and graph analysis for risk mitigation of infectious diseases.

10. September 2015, our genetic privacy project received funding from NSF (SCH for research and SaTC-EDU for education).

9. August 2015, our collaborative project with Paulo Arruda (State University of Campinas) and Jose Andres Yunes (Centro Infantil Boldrini) was awarded by the SPRINT program. Check out the press release from UNC Charlotte for more details.

7. Our poster titled "A Network Ensemble of microRNA and Gene Expression in Ovarian Cancer" got accepted to the Biology of Genomes Meeting 2015. Congratulations to Benika and Andrew!

6. March 21, 2015, we hosted Saturday Science for high school students, with visitors from Olympic High School, Charlotte, NC. Andrew, Dhalia, and Jia, thank you all for your contribution! The documents and slides are publicly available from ShiLab github.

5. March 2015, our project titled "Integrating Linguistic, Ethnographic, and Genetic Information of Human Populations: Databases and Tools" gets funded by DARPA SIMPLEX program! PI: Ward Wheeler (American Museum of Natural History); Co-PIs: Daniel Janies (UNCC), Peter Whiteley (AMNH), Xinghua Mindy Shi (UNCC).

4. March 1, 2015, welcome onboard, Dr. Jia Wen! Jia joined the lab after obtaining her Ph.D. in Statistical Genetics from Nanjing Agricultural University.

3. March 2015, Congratulations to Andrew for passing the qualification exams!

2. Our paper entitled "CNVnet: Combining Sparse Learning and Biological Networks to Capture Joint Effect of Copy Number Variants", coauthored with Zhiyong Wang and Jinbo Xu from Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago (TTIC), received the ACM SIGBio Best Student Paper Award at ACM-BCB 2014.

1. Our genetic privacy paper “Using Aggregate Human Genome Data for Individual Identification”, with Yue Wang and Xintao Wu from UNCC won the Best Paper Award at BIBM 2013.